Monday, September 30, 2013

Try This Indian Pro-Biotic Drink - Lassi

English: Mint Lassi
English: Mint Lassi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are in an Indian restaurant sometime in the future, see if they have the drink Lassi. Most good Indian restaurants will have this drink and even if they do not have it on the menu, they will be able to whisk one up for you in no time.

So what is Lassi?

Lassi is a watery yogurt drink originally from the Punjab region in India. It can be served sweet (mixed in with fruit for example) or salty (spices like cumin goes well with a salty Lassi) and it can come in a variety of flavors, not unlike smoothies.

The only difference is, Lassi is full of probiotic goodness that is essential for good gut health. It will increase the good bacteria in your intestines to help ward off illnesses and diseases. Many scientists are now linking gut health to mental health so it pays to drink up and a good Lassi is ideal.

A lesser known Lassi called the Bhang Lassi contains liquid derivatives from the cannabis plant. No doubt this Lassi will have the benefits of elevating your mood, relaxing your body and promoting happiness as well as great gut health. It is legal in India and drunk during the festive celebration of color Holi (which is great fun and a must see!)

I find a good mildly sweet Lassi (say with a touch of honey or mint) is a perfect accompaniment to a nice hot curry. It cools off your palate and it blends in so well with a curry - just make sure it is nice and cold!

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